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Alex Anderson Elementary School 5800 Calpine Dr 408-225-6556 Public School Homes near Alex Anderson Elementary School
Allen At Steinbeck K - 8 820 Steinbeck Dr 408-535-6205 Public School Homes near Allen At Steinbeck K - 8
Apostles Lutheran School 5828 Santa Teresa Blvd 408-578-4800 Private School Homes near Apostles Lutheran School
Bertha Taylor Elementary School 410 Sautner Dr 408-226-0462 Public School Homes near Bertha Taylor Elementary School
Central County Occupational Center 760 Hillsdale Ave 408-723-6400 State Department Of Education School Homes near Central County Occupational Center
Del Roble Elementary School 5345 Avenida Almendros 408-225-5675 Public School Homes near Del Roble Elementary School
Earl Frost Elementary School 530 Gettysburg Dr 408-225-1881 Public School Homes near Earl Frost Elementary School
George Miner Elementary School 5629 Lean Ave 408-225-2144 Public School Homes near George Miner Elementary School
Glider Elementary School 511 Cozy Dr 408-227-1505 Public School Homes near Glider Elementary School
Gunderson High School 622 Gaundabert Ln 408-535-6340 Public School Homes near Gunderson High School
Gunderson Plus Cont High School 622 Gaundabert Ln 408-535-6340 Public School Homes near Gunderson Plus Cont High School
Hayes Elementary School 5035 Poston Dr 408-227-0424 Public School Homes near Hayes Elementary School
Holy Family School 4850 Pearl Ave 408-978-1355 Catholic School Homes near Holy Family School
Leonard Herman Interm School 5955 Blossom Ave 408-226-1886 Public School Homes near Leonard Herman Interm School
Liberty Middle High School 5845 Allen Ave Bldg 2 408-229-0722 Public School Homes near Liberty Middle High School
Oak Grove High School 285 Blossom Hill Rd 408-347-6500 Public School Homes near Oak Grove High School
Oak Ridge Elementary School 5920 Bufkin Dr 408-578-5900 Public School Homes near Oak Ridge Elementary School
Parkview Elementary School 330 Bluefield Dr 408-226-4655 Public School Homes near Parkview Elementary School
Phoenix High School 6150 Snell Rd 408-347-6291 Public School Homes near Phoenix High School
Plantation Christian School 209 Herlong Ave 408-956-1557 Private School Homes near Plantation Christian School
Rachel Carson Elementary School 4245 Meg Dr 408-535-6287 Public School Homes near Rachel Carson Elementary School
Sakamoto Elementary School 6280 Shadelands Dr 408-227-3411 Public School Homes near Sakamoto Elementary School
Santa Teresa High School 6150 Snell Ave 408-347-6200 Public School Homes near Santa Teresa High School
Terrell Elementary School 3925 Pearl Ave 408-535-6255 Public School Homes near Terrell Elementary School

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